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Have you heard of Text to Give campaigns? Ever curious how effective they are at generating not only awareness, but also cold hard cash for the non-profit? Take a look at this infographic about Real Time Charitable Giving from Network for Good.

We found it amazing that 74% of donors…

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Let’s face it, household supplies are pretty expensive. Yet, many people have an accumulation of partially used supplies that are no longer needed or wanted. So, instead of disposing of them, try donating them to local charities and organizations that could greatly benefit from these leftover household supplies.

If some of…

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With as many as two million non-profit organizations competing for your donation dollars and goods here in the U.S., it has become difficult to know exactly where your donation is going.

There are some organizations that take your donated goods and use the profit from selling them to “do good” in…

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We love visiting non-profits to see how they’re putting donated goods to use! Our most recent visit was to New Moms, a long term supportive housing center that equips struggling adolescent parents with personal and professional resources they need to become sustainable.


Located in the…

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One of my favorite parts of summer at Zealous Good is working daily with an amazing group of interns. This summer is no different and we’re loving the value and awesomeness that the interns bring! With out further delay, we invite you to meet the Zealous Good Summer 2014 Interns –…

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Is your closet bursting with clothes you never wear anymore or maybe have never worn to begin with? Are old books that you haven’t cracked opened in years practically falling off of your bookshelves? More than likely, there are numerous things lying around your house that haven’t been used in…

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Whether you’re home or at the office, you may notice the accumulation of pens, highlighters, scissors, binders, and other office supplies that are lying around unused. Sadly, you’re not the only one, but fortunately, there is something you can do about it!

By donating your overabundance of office supplies, you can…

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