3 Tips for Moving in College

car_packedCollege is a time of transition. Transition into the real world and transition between places to live. College is basically 4 years of moving multiple times per year. There is never enough space and always a mad dash to squish everything you need into a car. After having done this a few times I have learned a few good tips.

Use Space Bags

You may have seen this product on TV if you are an avid infomercial watcher like me. I always thought they looked silly until I used them. I am now convinced they are magic. Using Space Bags is the best way to transport any clothes, blankets, or coats with the absolute smallest space.

Take advantage of storage spaces

Its pretty hard to bring furniture on a flight so storage spaces are very nice to keep your bigger items in. Check in your area for any student discounts on storage!

Donate unwanted items

We all have those free t-shirts from an event we don’t want or those school supplies we never use. Instead of lugging them home to keep them there donate them! Charities are always in need of many different kinds of donations.

If you are the Chicago area and want to donate your unwanted good check out Zealous Good! Submit a donation and we will find a charity that needs it!

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