7 Good Questions with Robyne Hart

Last summer Zealous Good team member, Laura, started a donor interview series on the blog. When Laura left, the interview series went with her. This summer we’re reviving and revamping Laura’s concept so you can get to know the people behind the donations. Today, we’re talking to Robyne Hart, a super donor who donated a very special and personal item to Urban Art Retreat Center

1. Tell me about yourself/your job?

I moved to Chicago in 2008 to launch the Entrepreneurship section of ACM’s Chicago Program. I have been teaching business and entrepreneurship for the last 12 years and am committed to experiential education.

2. How did you hear about Zealous Good?

I took my students to the Technori event where Zealous Good was pitched. We also read a bit about the concept when preparing for a field visit to Give Forward.

3. Why did you decide to use Zealous Good to donate your item(s)?

I was curious to see how it worked as a donor. We just put our dog to sleep and it was sad. The prior week we had purchased some dog food and seeing it was a sad reminder of her passing. I thought it would be wasteful to throw it out and didn’t think our vet needed or would use the donation. I also wasn’t sure how to go about contacting other organizations and also wasn’t sure if they would accept the food since it had been opened.

4. What is your favorite part about Zealous Good?

Real time feedback on who was interested. An opportunity to have a conversation with the recipient on how they planned to use the donation and the flexibility to negotiate delivery was great.

5. What’s your favorite spot to find peace and quiet in Chicago?

Northerly Island.

6. Who is your do-gooder role model? 

Blake Mycoski – Toms Shoes founder.

7. Deep dish or thin crust?

Paper thin:)

If you have donated through Zealous Good and would like to answer 7 Good Questions email Ali at ali@zealousgood.com! We love to hear good answers!

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