A Day in the Life of a Zealous Good Intern: Kevin’s Daily Schedule

The gang (minus me) hard at work
The gang (minus me) hard at work

As Zealous Good fans or partner non-profits, you may have once wondered what it’s like to live a day in the life of an intern here at an organization in the Community Involvement/Tech Innovation sector. In order to be responsive to your questions, I, Kevin the marketing intern, recorded my activities this past Tuesday. What follows is a day in the life of a Zealous Good intern:

8:12 AM: I barely miss the train to work.

8:17 AM: I make the next train to work.

9:02 AM: I arrive at work, irked at the fact that I’ve been 2 minutes late for work for the past 4 days. I promise myself that I’m finally going to catch that first train tomorrow.

9:03 AM: I talk with Toni, who works at Cabrini Connections. Even though she doesn’t work for Zealous Good, she would be the perfect ZG mascot. Any conversation with her is always upbeat and bubbly. If I could only start my day with one caffeinated beverage, I would make it Toni.

Jesse and Alex discussing potential new nonprofit partners
Jesse and Alex discussing potential new nonprofit partners

9:05 AM: I wish the ZG team “Good Morning” and open up my computer. Everybody else is already here. Denny is to my left looking at a workflow of the donation process. Jesse is to my right responding to emails. Alex is to his right, looking into potential non-profit partners. Morgan is across from me, listening to music as she manages her task list on Insightly. Brittany sits to her left, being a boss. Vince is at the round table past Jesse and Alex. He’s identifying residential buildings in the area that we might be able to work with. Renee is around the corner, inventorying the donation we received from Groupon Goods yesterday.

9:06 AM: I send out my first tweet of the day, wishing all of my tweople a good morning. I mention a couple of non-profits to see how they’re doing.

9:10 AM.: I check my e-mails to see what our non-profit partners are up to this next month and our website analytics to see how much traffic social media was responsible for.

9:32 AM: I check Twitter to see if anybody responded to my tweet. One of the non-profits did. I tweet back at them. We’re pals.

9:39 AM: I surf the web to look for stories that our followers might find interested or inspiring. Oooooh, today it’s an article saying that giving to others can make you happier. Sounds great!

 9:56 AM: I tweet before heading to the team meeting. I’m welcoming a new charity to Zealous Good!

10:00 AM: Time for the team meeting. Brittany tells us what we’ve got going on the rest of this week. Alex and Jesse let us know what new non-profits have joined and might join soon. Renee lets us know what sorts of items we’ve received from Groupon. Stephanie, the visual storyteller, shows up! She lets us know which non-profit partners she’ll be visiting and photographing next. Vince goes over new marketing partners that we have. I mostly talk about Facebook and Twitter; I’m sure I sound like a broken record.

Morgan vigilantly guarding the donation storage room.
Morgan making friends with non-profits while making calls.

11:57 AM: The meeting gets out in time for me to hop on Twitter and join this week’s #ideaschat. It’s on #art and #curation. It’s a #blast, I love my #ideaschat pals.

12:01 PM: Lunch Break! PB sandwich with a banana and Jello. It’s a classic.

12:20 PM: I post something on Facebook.

12:22 PM: After lunch, I proofread Vince’s post on Where to Send Your Jewelry Donation. It’s amazing, as always. Great job Vince!

12:55 PM: I check Facebook to see if anybody liked my post. No luck. My self-esteem drops, but then just I resolve to write a much better status next time.

1:02 PM: I tweet something insightful, maybe.

1:26 PM: I work on writing this blog post. Whoa, META!!!

1:45 PM: I tweet about a #donationmatch. Back to writing this blog.

2:43 PM: Jesse receives a call from a potential donor asking about the donation process. He handles it like a maestro.

3:22 PM: A non-profit comes by to pick up their portion of the Groupon donation. Renee and a few others bring the items out to them. I would help, but I just thought of an awesome tweet.

4:04 PM: Alex ducks out for a second to call a non-profit about signing up for Zealous Good.

4:05 PM: I tweet something funny. At least, I think it’s funny.

4:45 PM: I check my e-mails to make sure I’m caught up on everything I need to do today.

4:49 PM: I tweet like it’s my job. Oh wait, it is.

4:56 PM: I write a plug for ZealousGood.com. It goes something like this: “Remember, if you have extra goods to donate, be sure to donate them here so you can pick which local charity it goes to!

5:03 PM: I finish “A Day in the Life of a Zealous Good Intern” and head home.

Kevin Binder is a 2013 summer marketing intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find him on Google+ or find Zealous Good on Facebook or on Twitter at @ZealousGood.


  1. Kevin Binder said:

    It’s definitely a great one, Brittany came up with it!

    July 13, 2013
  2. Jane Fitzgerald said:

    Good job, Kevin!! You are quite humorous!!

    July 16, 2013
  3. Kevin Binder said:

    Why thank you Jane! I appreciate your kind words!

    July 17, 2013

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