A Donation Story on Wheels

Check out this awesome donation tale that involves a woman named Heidi, a lovely charity, and our biggest surprise donation ever!

Dr. Evelyn Chenier from Family First Center of Lake County writes:

“Heidi did indeed donate a treadmill to the Family First Center of Lake County last week and we are truly enjoying it! We spoke to Ms. Heidi and arranged a pickup of the donation from her home. Upon arriving we saw a beautifully maintained treadmill that we were immediately pleased with.

A treadmill was just ONE of the donation items the charity received.

Also, during Ms. Heidi’s extremely hospitable visit, we learned that she not only was interested in donating a treadmill to our organization but that she had a table and chair set, microwave and a VAN! Family First Center of Lake County is truly excited about the donation because we will be using the treadmill in our free fitness center to be available to clients exclusively involved with the personal trainers.

At the Family First Center, we come into contact with many families who are in desperate need of household goods.  There are times when their children are sleeping on the floors, and even eating on them.  The table and chair set went to a deserving family who wanted to start eating together around a table.  They too were very happy.

Last but certainly not least, the VAN was a tremendous addition to the Family First Center of Lake County.  Through our fitness center we have established Community Health Workers (CHW) that go out into the community and inform people on how to eat right, increase physical activity and lose weight.  The majority of these workers go directly to the people’s houses and reach them where they are.  We now have the ability through this van to reach more and more people.  We will be painting the van to include our logo as well for advertisement! We just wanted to thank you again Zealous Good for all you have done and will continue to do.  You truly have been a blessing!”



  1. Heidi Massey said:

    Truly awesome! I always knew Zealous Good did great work. Now I know from personal experience. Thank you for being angels to the nonprofit sector and for allowing me the opportunity to donate the things I no longer need. xoxoxo

    August 16, 2012
  2. Dhyia said:

    Brittany, so glad you were able to help my client out and still can’t believe the van situation. I encouraged Dr. Chenier to contact the donor personally and it sounds like we may have a new relationship established for FFC. Thanks Zealous! You are awesome! Cheers! #SEgeek

    August 27, 2012
  3. Heidi Massey said:

    Small world, Dhyia! I love this nonprofit. Dr. Chenier is wonderful and gracious. I am thrilled to have connected with them and will continue to stay connected. Going to go up for a visit in the next few weeks.

    August 29, 2012

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