Armani Suits Donated to Project Education Plus

“Since its 1980 inception, the purpose of Project Education Plus (PEP) has been to divert the anger, frustration, and negative attitudes of the youth in the Cabrini-Green Near North area into positive learning experiences and constructive activities,” (PEP website). Pep has since expanded its reach to include¬†youth in pre-school thru Grade 3; Grades 4-8; high school, college mentoring, young adults, and senior citizens.

PEP is often in need of professional clothes for when their program participants go on interviews and transition into the real world. And then, as luck would have it, we received one of our most impressive donations: 30 nearly new Giorgio Armani suits. PEP jumped at the opportunity. Shortly after, participants rocked the suits with renewed confidence, ready to take on the world.

Garry Harris, PEP participant

This is how Vince at PEP tells us the suits are being used:

“We have been giving the suits to our young men to use in their professional careers and for their leisure. Many did not have a suit, let alone a Giorgio Armani suit. We found a tailor for them to have minor alterations done as well.”

Zealous Good was also told that the suits will be worn by members of the PEP basketball team for when they travel to games.

A big thank you goes out to our contact at Armani. A client approached her about wanting to donate suits and while searching online she discovered Zealous Good. And of course, where would we be without her client, our donor. Because of his generous donation a group of PEP participants look like the picture of professionalism.

If you have a donation that you think would benefit one of our 170 charities, please consider giving today!

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