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Check our some inventions that will fix the problems you didn’t even realize you had! These creative, comical ideas are always a good gift or way to make daily items more fun.

Some of my favorites include the the umbrella with eye goggles to see out of because its the best…

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When I started at Zealous Good I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew it was a social enterprise and the main goal was to link and help non-profits; that is why I was drawn to it. I was warmly welcomed and started learning right away. I had not…

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We all know Barbie is beautiful and millions of girls have one in this country.

Following a campaign for a bald Barbie, Mattel has made a doll for girls who have no hair! Beautiful, bald Barbie makes a difference to many girls who struggle with losing hair and make it more…

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People give or give most of the time out of the goodness of their heart right? While many people do try to give just to help, there are many subtle reasons behind why people give. Pure altruism is an action intended solely to benefit another. In 2008…

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At some point we all impulse buy microphones for the karaoke machines we need or when we are performing plays for our families. Am I right? We all want to be rockstars at least a little!

They are great for those karaoke nights at home, but after the first month…

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We all have that friend in our lives who has everything and we struggle on what to get them. For me its my mom and I always end up getting her the weirdest thing I can find because I know she won’t have it.

As Mother’s Day is approaching I am…

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Non-Profits and social good companies can sometimes get generalized as just “doing good” for society. Many social good organizations come up with amazing, inventive ideas that everyone should know about! Here are a few social enterprises that have come up with unique ways to help many people all over…

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