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How did you find yourself here? With a big conference table and nowhere to go with it. Fade in a sappy song with a person breaking up with their conference table. Despair not, we’ll help you painlessly say goodbye to your wonderful conference table by finding another person who can…

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Most people go through each day making the best of their busy schedule by not doing things for “other” people because, let’s face it, it takes too much effort and we already have too much on our ever-growing plate. But, I am here to tell you that making someone else’s…

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It’s not even November yet and we are already starting to dig out winter gear from the closet, or buying new ones. Winters here mean bundling up to the extreme and unfortunately there are a lot of people in need that don’t have access to the best clothes to survive…

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Non-profits are always looking for ways to build capacity and increase their outcomes.  As organizations grow and expand they may need to increase their staff, find volunteers or get help with building a website or with fundraising. Below are a few resources that can be helpful for non-profits.


Foundation Directory:…

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We are now entering the holiday season, which usually means lots of spending! Whether it’s on gifts or foods for the festivities, people are starting to stock up before the stores get out of control. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people this year who will not have the resources…

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In-Kind Donations 101: A Guide to In-Kind Donations

Ever heard of an in-kind donation? Have excess items laying around that you no longer use? Looking for a way to help others in need? This guide to in-kind donations will provide you with what you need to know and how they can…

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If you wanted to know how to start a non-profit organization then read on below. Hiring a lawyer can definitely be helpful and the if you follow the steps below you can greatly minimize the time and costs associated of having a lawyer by gathering the relevant information beforehand.

Step #1:…

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Halloween hasn’t yet arrived and we’re already seeing the costumes and more importantly, the bags of candy, that are starting to be sold at stores. I don’t know about you guys, but Halloween, to me, has always been about the candy. Some years, my friends and I even went trick…

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Fundraising is the process of soliciting and gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, businesses, foundations or government agencies. Fundraising is critical in running a non-profit organization. Non-profits need funds to support their mission and maintain their operations. Funds will go directly to programming…

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Ever have leftover art materials laying around after a project, knowing full well you won’t use them again? Maybe you overestimated the amount of materials you needed? We think you should donate them: partly because donating is awesome, and partly because some charities have demonstrated a need for art supplies….

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