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I avoided writing a blog post on April fools like the plague because I enjoy being accidentally funny or witty in my posts (eh, I think), but I am afraid of having to be intentionally funny/smart with my humor and April Fools Day just seems like a recipe for disaster….

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When I woke up this morning, I had all intents and purposes to write a blog on spring cleaning. I did a cleanup of my closet this weekend (which felt GREAT, fyi) and I figured I could share some tips on how to spring clean (my ulterior motive should be…

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Lately, I’ve been filling out a lot of sign ups that ask “what is your industry?” It’s a funny yet simple question. Usually the industry categories are something like: ‘Marketing’, ’Retail’, ‘Health Care’, ‘Financial Services’, ‘Non-profit’, etc. While I’m sure these make sense for 99% of people, I feel like…

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When I was a  high school senior in Dallas, we had a “Senior Sunday” celebration. The theme was movie stars and each senior had a movie to describe them. A friend who was a dancer had “Save the Last Dance”. A friend who was a bit of a tech guy…

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Last week, my wonderful fiancé passed me the latest Fast Company magazine with page 52’s corner folded down. The article was titled “The Case for Generosity” and Anya Kamenetz dug into how technology can connect people for the greater good. She told a story about how she was…

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It’s Friday: arguably the best of all the weekdays there are. Let’s be honest, you don’t have a lot of people sign off emails with “Happy Tuesday!”, but I’ve been known to sign off emails on this special weekday with “Happy Friday!”. So, woohoo. We made it. We’ve also made…

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