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Updating your home or office décor? Have a rug or carpet that doesn’t fit the new style? Consider donating rugs to charities in need to make a difference. If you’re in Chicago, use Zealous Good to submit your donation and we’ll get requests for the donated rug…

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You are ready to replace your current dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, microwave, or refrigerator with a new one. But what do you do with your current used

Your toaster could toast the bread of a family in need.

appliance? Your donated used appliance could really benefit an organization near you.

Below are…

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Upgrading to a new conference room? Donate the used chairs and table to a charity in need.

Your company is moving or redecorating. The office is usually a busy, bustling place, but with the move or furniture upgrade, it can be even more chaotic. We’re here to help make the…

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Kids grow so fast. Every few months, older clothes starts to look tiny relative to your growing child. This is especially true with babies.

A wonderful way to give those clothes a longer, more useful life is to donate them to a local charity. If you’re in Chicago,…

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These pens can make a difference!

Perhaps your office has three boxes of office supplies that are gathering dust or maybe your home has an office supply junk drawer that is a little too full. Pens, highlighters, paper, OH MY!

Either way, I can promise you that your office…

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