Charities Frequently Asked Questions About Zealous Good

Ever curious what the top questions are that we hear here at Zealous Good? Alex & Morgan demystify what questions we commonly are asked so that you can easily know the answers! Have any other questions? Just ask them in the comment section and we’ll answer them promptly!

  1. What are the most frequent donations that come through Zealous Good?

    • Office supplies, office/home furniture, household items, electronics, computers, and clothing. While these are some of the most frequent donations, we do have over 20 donation categories so that charities are able to be matched to their more specific needs. Do you want to start requesting items today? Click here!
  2. Who is responsible for the pick up or drop off of the donations?

    • The donor selects their delivery method when submitting the donation. They can choose to drop it off or have it picked up. Charities are able see this information prior to requesting the item so they can plan accordingly. We are currently trying to implement a third party delivery system. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest changes!
  3. I love what you guys do! How did you get started?

    • Zealous Good was started because of the growing volume of in-kind donations and the inefficiency by which they were being donated. We realized that donors wanted to know who needed their items, non-profits wanted it to be easier to find things they need, and technology could be a great resource and connector. For a more detailed story, check out our press page.
  4. Is Zealous Good a non-profit organization?

    • Although we work with non-profits, Zealous Good is not a non-profit organization itself. We are a mission based business also known as a social enterprise. Instead of fundraising to cover the costs of providing the service, we use a revenue stream. If our charity members receive donations using the Zealous Good service, they pay a low fee or can have a monthly subscription. We keep this fee very low in order to allow all non-profits the ability to use Zealous Good. We feel that this will be the most effective model to grow Zealous Good so that more donors and organizations will be able to benefit from our service.
  5. Are you reliable? What other charities do you work with?

    • In our first two years of operation, we’ve been able to match over $750K in in-kind donations to over 300 charities in the Chicago metro area. You can see for yourself which charities are already involved here:
  6. Are charities responsible for providing donors with tax receipts?

    • Charities are only responsible for providing tax receipts only if one was requested by the donor. We’ll send a reminder with the pertinent information if the donor requests a tax receipt. Click here to see the steps of writing a tax-receipt.
  7. Do you ever partner with your nonprofits in other ways besides matching donations?

    • While matching donations is the major focus of ours, here at Zealous Good we also realize the importance of finding awesome new sources of donations to meet our charities needs! We do a lot of promotion for our charities through social media, using twitter, facebook, and our blog to keep all our Zealous Good members up to date about our charities’ upcoming events and specific needs. We also partner with a local coffee shop, Next Door Café, to run a monthly drive for goods that will go to benefit one of our charities (for example, this month we are collecting school supplies for The Princess Within Foundation). We always love hearing new suggestions and ideas about partnership opportunities from our charities though, so feel free to shoot us an email!
  8. How frequent are donations?

    • It can really vary depending on each week. We receive donations every day. As of summer 2013, on busy days we’ll receive 20+ and a handful on slow days.
  9. What is your fee structure?

    • As a charity, it is completely free to set up a profile on our website and to start receiving emails about available donations based on your indicated areas of need. Once you do want to start requesting donations, there are three basic membership plans you can choose from, outlined here.
  10. What locations/areas do you serve?

    • Currently, Zealous Good operates in Chicagoland, but focuses in the metro Chicago area. However, we are continuing to expand beyond the city and in the suburbs. Zealous Good has plans to start expanding to other cities in 2014. If you love us and want us to come to your city, please let us know here!

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