Christmas Tree Donated to Youth Outreach Services

The holidays can be tough for those struggling with loss and lack of food and shelter. Zealous Good charity, Youth Outreach Services (YOS), knows this all too well. The YOS staff works with kids aged 13-21 who are homeless, runaways, foster children, and low income children. These kids rarely have a “typical” Christmas which is why the story of donor Andrea, her pre-lit 7 ft Christmas tree, and The Goddess Group is so special.

YOS office manager, Claire, picks up the story:

“Chicago resident Andrea D. had a pre-lit 7 foot Christmas tree she was looking to donate to a worthwhile cause. Thanks to Zealous Good, which connects people with excess goods to local charities in need, Andrea was able to connect with YOS and donate her tree.

Andrea’s donation was part of a larger effort to put on holiday tree decorating parties at every YOS office. The members of the YOS Board of Directors, who are always looking for ways to be more involved with YOS youth programming, hosted holiday parties at every YOS office.

At the Irving Park office, a girls counseling group called the Goddess Group participated in the tree decorating. Board member Don Rubin joined the girls in decorating the tree. Staff member Kathy Sulin brought her special Christmas china for the occasion and the girls feasted on cookies and punch.

“Thanks for lighting up my Christmas with this tree,” wrote one of our youth in a thank you letter.

We are truly grateful to our Board, Andrea, and Zealous Good for making these wonderful events possible!”

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