Creative Donation of School Supplies

You’ve heard it all. Donate school supplies to schools, homeless shelters, tutoring programs, anywhere it can be reused for the purpose it was made for. You can find the past blog post here. Now we want to tell you of ways to use school supplies in alternative ways and how others are creatively reusing them.

One reason you might do this is if you have nonfunctional school supplies such as broken scissors, short overused pencils, and fully written in notebooks. It would seem that these are ineligible for donation, so you may just throw them away. Don’t discount them yet! There are creative reuses of these materials, and organizations are always looking for new donations.

Creative Reuse Centers
These centers accept donated school supplies and other usable materials to redistribute back into the community. Once such center is the Creative Reuse Warehouse in Chicago. The center is a resource for artists and educators, who can buy the materials at an extremely discounted price. The warehouse plays a crucial role in cutting down on landfill waste and providing low cost alternatives for school supplies and art materials.

Another option is Chicago Artists Resource, which lists reuse and surplus hubs in Chicago. You can call any of those listed to inquire about drop off. You might even see something you like!

Creative Landfill-Playgrounds
Some cities repurpose old car parts and school supplies into playgrounds. Effectively, they’re taking a solid waste landfill and making it into a community park. Evanston has one such park, called Mount Trashmore, that was converted into a sledding hill. You can search to see if your city has one, and donate school supplies to it. Perhaps they’ll use it in a sculpture for a new playground!

Now you have two creative ways to give away your used school supplies and materials. If these options aren’t available in your area, we hope you’ll use the methods described in the previous blog post. As always, charities signed up through Zealous Good are looking for school supplies, and you can check out which charities are in need here.

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