Do you know where your donations are going?

With as many as two million non-profit organizations competing for your donation dollars and goods here in the U.S., it has become difficult to know exactly where your donation is going.

There are some organizations that take your donated goods and use the profit from selling them to “do good” in the community, but you never really know what. There are also fundraising organizations that ask you for monetary donations, yet you don’t know what percentage of that money really goes into helping those in need.

This makes it difficult to know which charities are most deserving of your contributions. However, we are here to make it a little more easy for you!

If you live in the Chicago or Dallas area, you can use Zealous Good to match your donated good with several local charities that will profit from it the most. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, check out the following tips for donating wisely:

1. Research your local charities. Never give to a charity you know nothing about. Research the charity and ask them questions about their donation process and who it will benefit. Honest charities will be grateful for your inquiries and will answer all your questions.

2. Find out where your money goes. Ask and find out how much of your monetary donation goes into the actual program services you want to support and not into general administration and fundraising expenses. In most cases, sixty percent or more of your donation should to to programs.

Check out our blog on The Charity Transparency Issue to know more about where to donate your money.

3. Don’t donate just because it’s a familiar name. Some supposed legitimate organizations don’t use your donation to fully support the community. Even if the organization has a known name, research it before donating.

Let’s donate to charities that will give the most help to those in need. Know where you donate!

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