Donated heaters travel from Afghanistan to Chicago Charity, Teen Living Programs

Winters in Chicago are cold. There’s no getting around that. But there are attempts made to keep warm; Chicagoans don’t give in to the elements that easily. We huddle under heat lamps, double up on long johns, wear ski masks, and stockpile space heaters. The people of Chicago are industrious and they are also giving. Take for example, donor Jeffrey D., who sent space heaters, bedding and clothing from where he lives in Afghanistan to Zealous Good charity, Teen Living Programs (TLP.) This is the longest journey one of our donations has ever made.

Michelle from TLP sent us and Jeffrey this note about how his donations are being used:

“The heaters are being used by youth who have graduated from TLP’s transitional living program and are now participating in our independent living program in which they rent their own apartment, which is subsidized by the government. Every month they put their rent money into a savings account, so that when they graduate from the two-year program, they’ll have established a nice savings to live off of. The heaters are helping to heat their homes in the colder winter months. Thanks!”

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