Donation Story: Common Roots Initative

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Ashley G. English Teacher

At Zealous Good we always enjoy receiving stories from our charity members of how donations have made an impact in the work they do. It shows us just how powerful in-kind donations can be and how they can make a difference. Common Roots Initiative is just one of many Zealous Good members that have been able to use excess goods to increase their fundraising efforts and make a greater impact.

Common Roots Initiative’s mission is to provide financial assistance to cash-strapped teachers and college-bound students from west suburban Chicago. They held their 2013 Scholarship Ceremony in Villa Park, IL and were able to double their outreach to teachers last year because of several silent auction items obtained through Zealous Good that were donated by Groupon Goods.

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Alexander A. Science Teacher

Kesha Green, Vice President at Common Roots Initiative said that “Our 2013 Scholarship Ceremony featured a silent auction of over 20 Zealous Good donation items, ranging from iPad accessories to an electric fireplace. The silent auction helped boost our fundraising efforts. When it was time to decide our 2013 Fall Teacher Scholarship winner, the money raised from those donations helped give us the flexibility to choose two deserving educators instead of one. Ashley G. and Alexander A. are to receive $1,000 each to help inspire their students. Ashley, an English teacher, is planning a Civil Rights-themed field trip, while Alexander seeks technological improvements to his science classroom. Thank you Zealous Good for providing a service that helps us make an impact on both sides of the academic desk!”

We are proud to work with organizations like Common Roots Initiative and help them with receiving in-kind donations If you have something to donate then submit it on Zealous Good and we’ll try to help find a charity that could use it.

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