Donor and Charity Reunited Via Zealous Good

Back in September donor Erica donated her washing machine to Aspire, an organization that she volunteered for years ago. I asked Erica about her reunion with Aspire via Zealous Good. This is her story:

1. Why is Aspire’s cause so meaningful to you?

My fiance is a Behavioral Analyst for two different organizations that are similar to Aspire, working with adults and children with developmental disabilities.  He tells me every day about the kind of skills and tasks that these adults need help with, like doing laundry or cleaning, that many others take advantage of.  Because a lot of these adults live in centers that receive limited funding, the resources provided by donations are crucial in their day-to-day life and activities.

2. In what capacity did you work with Aspire in the past?

A couple years ago I was looking on  for an opportunity where I could help out a local charity in my area. A local mall holds an annual gift wrapping event where each year a different charity receives the proceeds when shoppers get their Christmas presents wrapped by their volunteers. It was here that I first learned about the wonderful work that Aspire does, and I’ve been on their volunteer opportunity and newsletter mailing list ever since 🙂

Zealous Good's "Certificate of Greatness" sent to Erica and all our awesome donors each time they make a donation.

3. What kind of feedback did you receive from the charity regarding the donation? 

What I really loved about the entire ZealousGood process was that I immediately was contacted by the charity. They explained how grateful they would be for the potential donation and exactly how much of a difference it would make in the lives of the individuals they serve. That alone made me feel instantly amazing about our decision to use ZG to donate the washing machine to a good cause.

4. In the end, did the process make you feel closer to your Chicago community?  

We make a lot of donations to our local Goodwill (I’m not kidding, they’re starting to recognize my car) and it’s anything from housewares to clothing to furniture. And while I fully understand that those donations are going to a great cause, and I encourage everyone to do a clean sweep every season, there’s just something about knowing who will be on the receiving end of my donation.

Donating to a non profit that will use my item to help a whole group of people, instead of just one person, brings a whole new meaning to giving. ZealousGood personalizes the process, and allows me to feel the impact of my donation. So why not feel a little good karma by donating? In the end, the community you live in will be better for it.

If you have donated through Zealous Good and would like to share your donation story email Ali at We love to hear good stories!

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