First International Donation Delivery for Zealous Good

You don’t deliver a donation to an island without a lot of help along the way. Last month, a hematology machine was donated to a clinic in the Dominican Republic via the Gifts In Kind (GIK) program at Willow Creek Church in Hoffman Estates, IL, Willow Oak Pediatrics in Libertyville, IL and Zealous Good.

Frank Davis from Willow Creek's GIK program picking up a hematology machine at Willow Oak Pediatric to be sent to the Dominican Republic for a clinic in Santo Domingo.

“To all that give material, trucking, packing, storage and/or networking you are really making an impact with these incredibly gifted Church partners…keep up the fantastic work. I’ve been told by many people that visit our partnerships abroad; the transformational fingerprints of the GIK are turning up everywhere.” -Frank Davis, Willow Creek GIK program

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