Global Explorers Kids Exposes Children to the World

Despite living in the third largest city in America, kids from Chicago’s low-income neighborhoods often have a very narrow scope of the world. Global Explorers Kids, Zealous Good’s newest charity, aims to change that by helping kids look beyond their block, exposing them to world cultures through the arts.

Global Explorers Kids’ programs take place in schools and in the community as well as a summer passport program that introduces kids to the countries and cultures of the world. Examples of in school and after school program themes include Story Traditions, Masks Around the World, and World Houses.

Through a child-centered, hands-on, multi-disciplinary, artistic approach, GKE promotes all cultures on an equal plane teaching kids respect for all religions and ethnicities.

If you would like to make a charity donation to Global Explorers Kids, they have an immediate need for a new office laptop as well as storage solutions for their art supplies. Art supplies and multicultural books, games, toys and music are also on their wish list.

You can also say hello and check out photos of the awesome children Global Explorers Kids serves on their Facebook page!


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