GOOD Tunes

How can music be used to create social change? Let’s jam to some new tunes and find out!

Music2Life: Music2Life designs music-based, social-change experiences that inspire people to act. Music2Life began as a national social-change songwriting contest that has since grown into a nonprofit creative production group. They seek to move hearts and minds around an issue or toward a common goal and have built trusted relationships with caring and committed artists and partnered with innovative business leaders who desire their efforts for positive social change to have an impact. Browse their artists and songs here!

Playing For Change: Playing For Change is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. “With music we are always working together – the musician and the audience create the shared experience. This is a great foundation to build social change.”

Mideast Tunes: Music for Social Change – Mideast Tunes is a multifaceted platform for underground musicians in the Middle East and North Africa who use music as a tool for social change.






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