#Hack4good coming this weekend in Chicago: February 7-9th, 2014


A great event for charities and do gooders alike is coming to Chicago this weekend….#Hack4Good – check out details below and get involved!

The Geeklist #Hack4good series run and power hackathon events around the world to present problems, form teams and solve the problems using each of our individual strengths in technology. We are comprised of software engineers and hackers, ui/ux designers, product developers and founders, leaders, thinkers and civic minded organizations. We give products built at our hackathons perpetual life and help move them live on and progress beyond the event. Participants completing the event also become immediate members of our Geeklist Corps of Developers. “Hack a better world with us.”

DevMynd Software is hosting the #Hack4good event for Chicago and is currently seeking:

  • Not for profits that want some development help
  • Mentors & Judges to share knowledge and support the teams
  • Sponsors that want to be associated with the global #Hack4good effort
  • Developers & Designers that want to have a fun weekend #Hack[ing]4good

Learn more or register here: http://lilz.us/h4g. Also, email brad [at] devmynd [dot] com for details!

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