Holiday Challenge Deliveries Part 2

The Zealous Good team delivering lamps to the Barry Elementary School library


The long awaited updates are here! We have completed round 2 of our Holiday Challenge deliveries and we have the pictures to prove it! Last week I was lucky enough to accompany the Zealous Good team on a trip that took us to six nonprofits from Hermosa Park to the Loop. On our travels I tweeted from @ZealousGood and uploaded photos, a few which are posted here. Like February’s Holiday Challenge deliveries, we started off with a trunk full of gifts, delivered them, and then stocked up on more. At the end of our deliveries, with our trunk cleared out, we were able to reflect on the good homes and deserving recipients our gifts went to. Here is a rundown of the charities we visited and the gifts they received:


Ravenswood Community Child Care Center: Pillows, arts and crafts supplies for classrooms

Arts and crafts supplies and pillows delivered to the cute kids at Ravenswood Community Child Care Center

H.O.M.E.: Laptop for low-income seniors to assist in helping them maintain their independence

Anixter Center: Paint, Butcher paper, and canvas’ for the art therapy department

Barry Elementary School: Lamps for school library

Facing Forward to End Homelessness: Toiletries

Chicago Lights: Clothes

I’m so grateful I was able to experience what firsthand giving feels like at the very start of my Zealous Good career. The people we met were also extremely grateful and they welcomed us with smiles and an abundance of thank you’s. So the next time you consider donating remember that every little bit counts and that Zealous Good and our charities thank you immensely.

If you’d like to see more of our Holiday Challenge Deliveries Part 2 photos check out our album on Facebook!


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