How To Clear Out Household Electronics and Put Them to Good Use

Are your old electronics piling up and causing clutter at home? The lifespan of electronic items is not  very long, it’s actually getting shorter because of course, manufacturers always want to keep us buying new things.

So what happens to your electronics when they become obsolete? Usually, they find their way to a corner or a closet and become clutter. Some gadgets can be big and bulky taking over space in closets and storage areas, or even wasting space in paid storage units—grrr!

It’s hard to part with expensive electronics that have quickly become out-dated. Once you decide that you’re ready to let go, it helps to get it into the hands of someone who needs and wants it. It makes it easier to get rid of something when you know that it will be used by someone who really appreciates it. That’s where Zealous Good comes in, they can connect your household electronic items with organizations who are looking for those very things!

When it comes to electronics, most of us think about computers and TV’s. Computers can be tricky because of personal information on your hard drive. Here are some steps to take to clear your hard drive before you donate. There are also SO many other electronic items throughout your home that get circulated over time. Here’s a list to get you thinking about other items you might be able to donate:

  • DVD/VHS players, stereo components and speakers, small kitchen appliances, extension cords and power strips, iPods/iPads, headphones, cell phones, corded and wired land line phones, printers, fax machines, copiers, electric razors, alarm clocks, lamps/light fixtures, hair dryers/irons, power tools, electric landscaping tools, vacuum cleaners, gaming systems, etc…

When you decide that you no longer need a household electronic item, think before you just set it aside. Take the simple step of posting it on Zealous Good so it can get into the hands of someone who will truly benefit.

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