How to Donate a Camera

This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about camera donation. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Make sure that the camera is in good working condition: Turn the camera on. Try taking a photo and/or recording a video. Use your flash. Check to make sure that the image looks okay and that it is safely stored in the camera/memory card.

2. Prepare the camera for donation: Create a backup of all internally stored images or videos. Wipe the memory card and/or internal memory clean of all your data. Reset camera settings to factory default. If possible, include all camera accessories with your donation. Such as: power cords, chargers, USB and HDMI cables, lenses, external flash, memory card, cleaning kit, tripod, etc.  Clean the camera and all accessories. Make sure that all fragile items are adequately packaged to ensure safe delivery. If you don’t have the camera’s original packaging, use a sturdy box and some sort of padding, such as bubble wrap. If you have multiple lenses, filters or other fragile items, wrap each one individually and place everything securely in the box.

3. Find your item’s home: There are many Chicago based organizations which are in need of cameras, photo equipment and supplies. Through the Zealous Good website you can connect to any of these Chicago non-profits: Chicago Photography Center, Street-Level Youth Media, URBAN ART RETREAT Center, Changing Worlds, Cabrini Connections, Child’s Voice, Project Education Plus, IMAGINE ENGLEWOOD IF…,  Supplies for Dreams, and more. After you have submitted your donation it will be available for the organizations to request.  You can choose from the requesting charities and donate to one or several of them.

4. Schedule delivery: Zealous Good makes it easy to connect to your chosen organization and to schedule the delivery of your donation (either pick up or drop off) that works best for you.

5. Feel good: A camera is a generous charity donation which can be used for both practical and creative purposes. It can inspire, provoke creativity and open up new possibilities. Donating a cameral can make a real and lasting difference in someone’s life!

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