How to Donate a Television

This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about donating a television. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Make sure that the Television is in good working condition: With flatscreen and plasma television donations on the rise, older models known as “tube tvs” are becoming the hardest to find homes for. If you’re having trouble donating your tube tv, you can recycle it. As referenced in our “How to Donate A Computer” article, it is illegal in Illinois to trash old electronics. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers several retailers who will recycle your tv.

For newer model televisions, you should be checking for picture and sound quality. These will not necessarily be deterrents to charities but it is good to make a list of issues and include them when listing your item.

2. Prepare Television for donation: Search for additional cords and remote controls. Wipe screen gently with a soft, lint-free cloth. Whether you are dropping off your television or having it picked up, it will need to travel some distance. Help your charity out by padding your television in bubble wrap or another kind of protective wrapping material. 

3. Find your item’s home: Whether you have a sentimental attachment to it or not, you should choose a charity that will put your television to use. Search by “issue area” to find a charity with a cause you believe in. At the bottom of the charity page you will be able to see a list of specific, current/immediate item needs. If you see “television,” go for it! Also, receiving our newsletter will keep you informed of our charities current needs.

4. Schedule deliveryZealous Good makes it easy to connect to your chosen organization and to schedule the delivery of your donation (either pick up or drop off) that works best for you.

5. Feel good: You’ve donated your computer, gave it a loving home, and got it where it needs to be. It’s not everyday you make a difference in someone’s life. And don’t stop here! Now that you’ve got the tools there’s nothing to stop you from regularly donating and doing good!

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