How to Donate an Old Mattress


This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about how to donate an old mattress. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Check the condition of your mattress: The first thing to do before donating an old mattress is to check what condition it’s in. If the mattress springs are broken or are very worn then it would be best to either recycle or throw the mattress away as it wouldn’t be useful for a charity. If the mattress is in good condition and doesn’t have any rips or stains that can’t be cleaned, then it can definitely be donated to a charity in need.

2. Clean your mattress: Before you donate your old mattress make sure to give it a good cleaning for the next recipient. This can be done by just using a vacuum and some baking soda. You can find tips and instructions on how to best clean your mattress here.

3. Find your item’s home: There are a few Zealous Good charities that are in need of mattresses on an ongoing basis. These include Franciscan Outreach Association and Urban Art Retreat. The types of organizations that would benefit most from an old mattress donation are homeless shelters and transitional housing organizations where the clients they serve either stay at their location or are ready to move into their first apartment. You can easily submit your donation and receive requests directly from charities that are in need.

4. Schedule Delivery: Now that you have chosen an organization for your mattress donation, you can schedule the donation drop off or pick up directly with the organization.

5. Feel good: You have just donated an old mattress to a charity in need! Now a local charity will have another mattress for someone to sleep on or they will be able to give it directly to someone that needs a mattress for their new home. Spread the word and tell everyone how easy it is to donate an old mattress to local charities in need!


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