How to Donate Items to Charity


Donating items to charity is a great way to make an impact with the things you no longer are using! It gives your goods a second life and can be used directly by a charity while also reducing their direct costs of helping those in need. Here are a few things to keep in mind before deciding if you want to donate items to charity.

1. Decide what goods you want to donate.

Select items that are going to be useful to charities. The most common types of items that are donated to charities include home and office furniture, appliances, clothing, household items and toys. But these aren’t the only types of things that charities can accept. Charities are often in need of other types of things that aren’t usually thought of such as computers, electronics, office supplies and silent auction items.

2. Make sure the items are in usable or working condition.

When deciding what items you are going to donate make sure that they are in usable condition. Keep in mind that the charity that accepts the items is planning on using them so something that is unusable or in very poor condition probably isn’t going be useful for them. Also keep in mind that some charities will have strict guidelines on the types of things they can accept and also the condition that they are in.

3. Find charities that are in need of your items.

If you are in Chicago you can find out which charities are in need of your items by using Zealous Good. You can submit your items and receive requests from charities that are in need of those types of items! Otherwise you can search for local charities and see if they could use some of the items that you have to donate. Some charities will have an in-kind wishlist on their website that lists different types of items that they are in need of and could be donated. You can also find local charities and get in direct contact with them to ask if they have any needs for the items you have to donate.

4. Make sure the donated items can get to the charity

After you have found a charity that is need of your items make sure that they can get to the charity without any issues. If you use Zealous Good you can select pick up or drop off and charities will see that information before requesting the donation. Otherwise you should make sure that you can either drop off the items to the charity or that they can pick up directly from you. It is possible that some charities won’t have the resources to pick up donations and may only be able pick up within a short distance or will only be able to accept donations that can be dropped off to them.

After you have gone through these four recommendations then all that’s left is to donate your items to charity! After you have donated your items to charity you can feel good that someone else is benefitting from items that are no longer being used by you.

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