How to Donate on a Deadline

This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about donating on a deadline. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

These days we are all busy with so many different things. We have all sorts of responsibilities and commitments in our work and personal lives that are weighing on us. The last thing you want to do is worry about donating your excess items to a charity when there isn’t a lot of time to spare. Donating should be an easy and stress free process. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips that you can use to donate when you are on a deadline.

1. Figure out the things that you want to donate: Find out what things you would like to donate and get them organized. You could make a list of all the items and prioritize them based on what is most important to donate now as opposed to later.

2. Create a schedule for donating your items: You can create a schedule and/or checklist to mark down important dates from now to the deadline and the actions that you will take by those dates to ensure that you will be able to donate your items by the deadline.

3. Use Zealous Good: Submit a donation through Zealous Good so that local charities have the ability to directly request the items from you. When submitting a donation you can enter a charity requesting deadline that works with the deadline that you have to donate the items. This will ensure that the only charities that request the items are ones that can quickly accept or pick up the items from you by the date that you need to donate by.

4. Select a charity and schedule delivery: You will be able to see what each charities pick up/drop off availability is and can select one based on what works for you and the deadline. Once you have selected a charity you can schedule a time that works best to drop off the items or have them picked up directly from you.

5. Feel Good: You have just donated your excess items to a local charity before the deadline passed and did it with only a little amount of work and without any stress. Now that you know donating on a deadline can be done, you can help someone else out when they want to donate something and don’t have a lot of time to spare.

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