How to Donate a Washer and Dryer


This is part of our charitable “How To“ series. Today we are talking about how to donate a washer and dryer. Check back for more charity, donor related instruction!

1. Prepare your washer and dryer to be donated: Your washer and dryer have probably been used hundreds of times before, so they are most likely going to need a good cleaning. Before you donate a washer and dryer be sure to give them a thorough cleaning so that they are in good condition for the next recipient.

Cleaning the washer and dryer could also help it to run more efficiently and could prevent safety hazards. Cleaning your washer can easily be done with just bleach and vinegar and also running a long cycle without any clothes. When cleaning your dryer make sure to focus on removing any excess lint in the washer, and also in the dryer exhaust where it can easily build up. More tips on how to clean your washer and dryer can be found here.

2. Remove your washer and dryer: Also before donating a washer and dryer make sure to disconnect them so that they are ready to go and can be moved out quickly. You will need to remove the washer hose and turn off the faucets that go to the washer. If you have an electric dryer then you will just need to disconnect it by removing the plug. More information on how to remove your washer and dryer can be found here.

3. Find your item’s home: There are a few Zealous Good charities that are always in need of washer and dryers on an ongoing basis. These include Aspire and Neumann Family Services. Human services organizations tend to be the best fit for receiving your donated washer and dryer as they often serve clients that are moving into apartments that need to be furnished. You can easily submit your donation and receive requests directly from charities that are in need.

4. Schedule Delivery: Now that you have chosen an organization for your washer and dryer donation, you can schedule the donation pick up directly with the organization.

5. Feel good: You have just donated a washer and dryer to an organization in need! Now someone, either at a charity or one of the clients they serve, will be able to have their own washer and dryer to use.

Know anyone upgrading an appliance? Tell them how easy it is to donate a washer and dryer to local charities in need!



  1. Glenn Goddard said:

    Washer and Dryer Kenmore Elite Automatic. In excellent running condition and very clean. We would like to donate it to family who are really in need.

    August 13, 2014
    • Glenn, If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, visit and post the donation. We’ll do our best to find a non-profit who can use it!


      August 14, 2014

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