How to Request Donations: Tips for Charities

When a charity becomes a Zealous Good member, the charity begins to receive donation emails notifying them of donation opportunities the charity can request. For new Zealous Good charity members it can be quite exciting to see the first few donation opportunity emails! There are great donations that could help someone at your organization.

We want to make sure you know how to request these donations and also provide you with some tips to give you the best chance of being selected for a donation. If you are interested in a donation opportunity it’s really easy to request it. Here are the steps to take:

  1. In the donation opportunity email: click the red “Get” button to request the donation if the donation and delivery method works for your organization. You will then be taken to the charity request page.
  1. On the charity request page: fill out drop off or pick up availability and an address if the donation is being dropped off.
  1. Write a message to the donor and share why you are interested in the donation and how your organization would use it. Writing a thoughtful response could be the difference maker and make a donor select your organization! No need to include your website – we add that information when we notify the donor!

Once you have requested the donation the donor will be immediately notified of your request and can select you for the donation. We’ll also remind them so they don’t forget!

Here are 6 tips on requesting a donation:

  1. Try to request a donation as soon as you know that it will be useful to your organization. Often times donors will select an organization within a few hours of submitting it on the Zealous Good site or even select the first organization that requests it.
  1. Give a brief, 1 sentence description of your organization.
  1. Tell the donor how the requested donation would benefit someone at your organization or someone you serve.
  1. Thank the donor in advance for their consideration.
  1. If your charity is selected for a donation then make sure to follow up promptly with the donor after you receive the match email to confirm a day and time for pickup or drop off.
  1. After a donation has been completed then be sure to click on the link in the donation match follow up emails that we send. This ensures us that the donation has been received by the charity so that we can thank the donor and also send a tax receipt request to the charity if the donor has requested one.

To give you a sampling of good requests, here are three successful donation match messages:

  1. Our organization, Teen Living Programs, a non-profit dedicated to serving youth who are homeless, is greatly interested in the laundry detergent you have so generously offered to donate. Youth who have graduated from our residential facility and now living independently, receiving TLP aftercare, have a great need for household products, such as laundry detergent. Your donation would be most appreciated by these youth. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
  1. RML staff & volunteers run a lending library, a cart of entertainment materials (books, puzzles, magazines, DVDs, etc.) that is shared with our patients who are facing complex, long-term illness and/or injury. The lending library allow the patients moments of escape from their stressful healthcare situation. By reading a book or magazine, or escaping in a movie or CD, patients and their families relieve stress.
  1. Hello! We are an organization that serves people with developmental disabilities and mental illness. We operate 30 community houses for our clients throughout Chicago. This table and chair set would be very welcome at one of our community homes, as some of our furniture is old and worn out. Thank you for your consideration!

By following these tips you can be sure your chances of receiving a needed donation will increase. Plus, donors will get to learn more about the meaningful work your organization does!

Let the requesting begin!

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