How to Spread the Word About Your In-Kind Donation Needs: Tips for Charities

For a charity, there are many benefits in using social media and keeping supporters up to date by writing blog posts and sending them newsletters. Creating content through these different ways can increase awareness of your organization, drive traffic to your website, and could lead to increased donations. Social media is a great low-cost and low-risk way to get more people to learn about what your organization does and find out ways to support your work. You can also use social media to let others know about how they can donate items to your organization through Zealous Good.

At Zealous Good we use a few different ways to let others know about the work we do and the great  charities we work with. We write a few posts on our blog each week and send out a bi-weekly newsletter to our supporters that includes some of our charity members’ current needs. We also use major social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and YouTube to share about what we do.

There are many ways to spread the word! Check out our tweets, Facebook posts, newsletter blurbs, and social media tips below!

Sample Tweets:

  • Like doing good? Donate your extra items to us using @ZealousGood. Here’s our wishlist: (Insert web address/url of Zealous Good wishlist here). #dogood
  • Check out our @ZealousGood wishlist: (Insert web address/url of Zealous Good wishlist here) and see if you have any extra items that we can put to good use!
  • We have ways to put your extra items to good use. Visit our @ZealousGood wishlist (Insert web address/url of Zealous Good wishlist here) & see what you can donate!

Sample Facebook Posts: 

  • Take a look at our Zealous Good wishlist (Insert web address/url of Zealous Good wishlist here). Currently we’re looking for (include sample request) donations. (be sure to tag Zealous Good in the post so that our Facebook followers will also see your request)
  • Do you like making the world a better place? Donate your extra items and we’ll put them to good use. See our Zealous Good wishlist for specific needs.
  • Are you looking for an easy and meaningful way to donate? Use @ZealousGood to help us fulfill our wish list (Insert web address/url of Zealous Good wishlist here).

Sample message that you can include in a blog post or newsletter to let supporters know about Zealous Good:

In-kind donations are very important to us and we really appreciate it when we can get items that we can use in our office or within our programs which allows us to put more of our fundraising dollars to work. We are now using a web platform called Zealous Good to help us connect to needed in-kind donations and donors. Zealous Good matches individuals and small businesses that have excess goods to local non-profit organizations with matching needs. You can get involved by seeing if you have anything to donate and using You can submit the donation on Zealous Good and we’ll request it if it matches our needs. Check out our wishlist or submit your donation here.

Social Media Tips:

  • Share about upcoming events and about ways to get involved such as volunteering or job opportunities
  • Engage with your supporters as these are the people that will spread the word about your organization to raise awareness and get others involved
  • Share a story from a staff member, donor or volunteer in a blog post
  • Send a newsletter periodically to keep supporters aware of updates and ways to get involved
  • Try to include pictures if at all possible as this can give the reader a visual and they can get a behind the scenes look at your organization.
  • Let us know or tweet at @Zealousgood so we can also share your posts with our followers
  • Integrate social media buttons on your website so visitors can easily share
  • Include social media links in employee signatures

By following these tips you can be sure that more people will become aware of your organization and the meaningful work that it does and will know what they can do to help!

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