Make a Statement: Top 5 Ways to Reuse Items


With just a little instruction and a short amount of time, you can repurpose many used household items to make them useful again. Here are our top 5 favorite ways to reuse items:

1. Turn your t-shirt into a tote bag. Recycle your old shirt, cut down on plastic bag consumption, and make a fashion statement when you rock a handmade t-shirt tote bag.

2. ¬†Make a scuff-marked high heel pretty again. Messing up a shoe that’s meant for a formal event is upsetting, but all hope is not lost. Consider spray painting the toe for a beautiful color blocked look.

3. Turn vinyl records into a dessert rack. Sure, records are nice to listen to but how many times do you actually pull them out? Put your records front and center by turning them into a vintage dessert tray.

4. Turn an old DVD case into an art kit. Make DVD cases useful again by turning them into a mini art kit perfect for traveling.

5. Makeover old shutters into a shabby chic necklace holder. Even shutters can find purpose again, hung up on the wall and displaying your favorite pieces of jewelry.

The number of ways to reuse items is endless. With a little patience you can transform an old item into an earth-friendly work of art. If you don’t have the time to upcycle an item, Zealous Good will take your unused and excess items and donate them to a charity of your choosing.

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