Meet Tuesday’s Child – a Zealous Good Non-Profit Member

We spoke to the team at Tuesday’s Child to learn a bit more about their amazing organization. They help families address behavioral issues through individualized training for both parents and children.

035You can learn about their in-kind needs on their Zealous Good charity profile page.

What is the best thing about the work you do?

Working with incredible families and knowing that their relationship is stronger and happier.

What is the hardest challenge you see as an organization?

The hardest challenge is finding the resources to maintain high-quality services for our families.

What makes your non-profit different?

We work with the whole family – providing a supportive dynamic that gives everyone the services they need.

134What’s something that people might not know about your non-profit?

We have incredible ancillary services for our families including a Behavioral Summer Camp, Drop-Off, and IEP Support for Parents.

What’s the best donation you’ve ever received through Zealous Good?

The best donation we have ever received from Zealous Good were a set of rolling bags. While that seems minor, we use them so often and they help make our days so much easier.

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