92 computer monitors, a mini-van, and an adventure…

Nick here. A small story to tell about a large donation. Thanks to all the charitable souls out there, Zealous Good started this previous holiday season off with a bang!

The week before Christmas, we received a donation of 92 computer monitors from Bain & Company. Yes, you read that right…92! ¬†We could think of no better way to kick off our first holiday season.

We were able to easily find homes for these monitors within our partner organizations in no time. Changing Worlds, Teen Living Program, Project Education Plus, Community TV Network, Anixter Center, and the Profile Theater all received monitors thanks to Bain and their fearless IT leader, Jason!

Now came the interesting part, we had to figure out our plan of attack for delivering 92 monitors to these six organizations. The directions on Mapquest looked like a novel, but we were not intimidated. With nothing but some coffee and a stylish minivan, Brittany and I set off to do some good and deliver the monitors. Luckily for them, Jason took the donation a step further and was waiting at the loading dock of Bain for Brittany and I to arrive. He was kind enough to help load the monitors into the van and explain which cords went with each one (thank goodness for Jason).

After that the adventure really began. We drove all around our great city dropping off monitors, and chatting it up with some satisfied Zealous Good charities. With each drop off came a deeper feeling of gratitude for what we do and what we can accomplish thanks to all of you!

It truly was a day to remember for the Zealous Good team, and we thank Jason and Bain & Company for making it all happen. We love what we do!


  1. Thank you so much for the donation of 50 computer monitors to RML Specialty Hospital. Technology is such an important part of the work that we do. The donated monitors saved us approximately $5,000.

    More importantly, this donation will help us better serve patients facing long-term, complex medical illness and/or injury. Thank you for your support!

    January 20, 2012
    • Kristin said:

      Thank you for the details, Jennifer – really puts it into perspective. We are so pleased to work with RML!

      January 23, 2012

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