Happy New Year!

We’re back! Is everybody back? We’re all here in 2012 and happy new year, everybody!

Here we are, two feet firmly planted in 2012 and looking forward to the year ahead, not quite certain what it holds but determined to make of it something big and beautiful and good. 2011 bowed out like a champion and we want to take a moment to savor it one second more before diving head first into the next twelve months.

On 2011
From our modest beginnings as a pilot program working with four local organizations, Zealous Good has in less than a year grown to include 35 Chicago charities in our donation-matching program! As we continue to grow, we hope to more fully understand and measure how many Chicagoans and their families benefit from your support, services, and items.

On the Zealous Good Holiday Challenge
We met and even exceeded our fundraising goal of $5,000! More details on the experience, outcomes, and lessons learned later this week, but a thousand thank yous and a round of high fives are due immediately to all of you who spread the word, donated, and supported our efforts. What a way to end the year.

On Community
Between Brittany’s daily hustle, reaching out to existing and potential new nonprofit partners and  collaborating with other innovators and social entrepreneurs, Nick’s dedicated grinding between a full course load and managing some of our long-term projects, and my engagement with our witty and wonderful online communities, we feel like we’ve made some lasting connections and, dare I say, friends around this little labor of love. We’re going to chase this good straight into 2012.

Which I suppose brings us to the inevitable – resolutions for the year ahead.

On Resolve
We will actively find new ways to engage with our community.
We will continue taking on new nonprofit partners and providing them with the in-kind support and advocacy they need and deserve.
We will, even as we grow, remain humble and hungry, aware always that start-ups are a dime a dozen, and we must work hard and fearlessly to thrive. We must thrive. We have planted stakes in causes outside ourselves.
We will use exclamation points slightly more responsibly.
We will collaborate more, worry less, learn more deeply and support more fiercely.

This is going to be great.

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  1. Beautifully written, Kristin! I think I’ll struggle with the exclamation point resolution, but will do my best. (note that I didn’t include an exclamation point there)

    January 3, 2012

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