North Shore Student Partners with Zealous Good on Charitable Project

This is a guest post from 12-year-old Joshua Wilens, a Wilmette resident and do-gooder in training. 

Hello, my name is Joshua Wilens from Wilmette, and I am partnering up with Zealous Good to do a sporting drive for my Bar Mitzvah project. I chose to do a sporting drive because sports have been a really big part of my life since I was five and I wanted to give kids and families the opportunity to play sports that might not have the proper materials to do so. I chose to work with Zealous Good because they are an extraordinary organization that I knew I could trust to help get the donated equipment to the charities where they were needed. The way that you could help this event go through the roof is by donating your new or gently used sporting equipment including:

Basketball Shoes, Basketballs, Baseball Gloves, Baseball Cleats, Baseball Bats, Football Cleats, Football Pants (White, Gray, or Black), Footballs, Soccer Balls, Shin Guards, Soccer Cleats, Training Equipment (For all four sports), or money donations to Zealous Good.

Our collection dates are going to be on November 4th and November 11th from 1 to 3 pm at the Wilmette Metra Train Station. You can also take your donations to the Zealous Good offices in Chicago at 800 W Huron on the 1st floor.

The five organizations that we are donating to are Teen Living Programs, Project Education Plus, Friends of the Bessemer Bears, Imagine Englewood If, and Urban Art Retreat Center.

If you have any questions about the organizations or about anything else feel free to e-mail me at Thank you for helping make this a success!

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