Organizing for the Summer: Ready, Set, Go….

This is a guest post from professional organizer Pooja Gugani of Organizing With You, Inc. This post is part of our Spring Cleaning with Zeal campaign. Check back next Friday for our final spring cleaning guest post from the organizing professionals at Neat Method

For most of us, spring has already given us the momentum to organize, so don’t stop just because it’s summer. Not only do we spend more time outdoors during the summer season, but we also have more spur-of-the-moment outings to prepare for. Here are some tips to help you save time and get organized for the upcoming summer months.


1) Plan for the Picnic: Have your picnic basket well-stocked for that spontaneous concert in the park or ballgame that calls for food-to-go. Have it ready with paper plates, plastic ware, cups, napkins, wet wipes, frisbees, etc

2) Organize Your Grill: Most long-handled spatulas and tongs are too long for kitchen drawers. Place a pegboard in the garage or add hooks to the inside of a pantry door so you can store all your tools in one spot.

3) Yard Sale: A yard sale can clear clutter and also score some cash. Getting organized for a garage sale will cause less stress as you begin the summer with just the right amount of inventory in your home.

4) Assign Away: Create a summer chart for the family and designate different chores to family members to help keep your indoors and outdoors tidy.

5) Use the Coat Hooks: Now that you’ve put your winter coats and spring jackets away, utilize the same coat hooks in your mudroom or hallway closet to hang wet bathing suits, towels, light jackets etc.

6) Organize Your Vacation: Plan for your summer camps & vacations ahead of time by making the necessary travel arrangements and lining up pet or house sitters.

Summer is fun, but it needs its own systems and schedules to be enjoyable. So take some time to anticipate what summer activities will take place for your family, and plan ahead! And remember, any items you no longer use can be donated to charity.


Pooja Gugnani is an organizing expert & founder of Organizing With You, Inc; a company providing home & office organizing services. She recognizes that every client has unique needs and incorporates them into the systems she creates. Her passion is to simplify the lives of anyone from a busy family to an executive/entrepreneur. Her motto is: Lose Clutter. Gain Control.

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