Services for Nonprofits: Helping Those Who Help

Even superheroes need help sometimes. Even while nonprofits are out saving the world one helping hand at a time, they can’t do it alone. Due to the immense challenges they set out to tackle, charities often need as much help as they can get. Fortunately, there are plenty of services for nonprofits that can give them the boost they need to continue saving the world. If your charity could use outside assistance, consider utilizing these services:

Grants/Foundations Handsintertwined

If your charity is in need of monetary support, consider applying for grants. You can look through the USA’s top 100 foundations or local foundations to find someone to help fund your efforts. Grants are excellent ways to help your charitable organization get started, fund certain projects, and make the most of certain services. For nonprofits, it’s important to find the right foundation and share your vision with them when applying for grants. For more tips on the process, visit this website.

Useful Online Resources

The nonprofit world is rapidly becoming more technological. As a donation-match website, we’re excited about this change. Advances in technology are making it much easier for charities to spread their message, receive material and financial support, and find helpful services. For nonprofits, tech-savviness is a huge advantage, but if you’re not necessarily computer literate, fret not! We’ve know of some easy-to-use resources that can get you started.

  • Google AdWords™ – Google Adwords helps you reach new clients and donors as they search on Google for organizations like yours, and you only need to pay when someone actually clicks on your ad! Even better, Google offers $10,000 per month of free AdWords advertising to nonprofit organizations! Click here to learn more about how AdWords™ works.

  • – Network for Good, a website where users can donate to charities and search for volunteer opportunities, has helped over 100,000 nonprofits raise over $800 million. Find out how!

  • – When you’re spending most of your energy and funding fulfilling your mission, it’s tough to keep up with your technology needs. That’s what TechSoup is for; it connects your organization with technological solutions and resources.

Nonprofits Helping Nonprofits

There exist a number of nonprofit organizations that actually provide resources for other charities to help them effectively reach their goals. Whether you need legal or management services, these organizations can help in your mission to save the world.Help Support Advice Assistance and Guidance on a signpost

  • In addition, larger groups of charity organizations, such as coalitions and alliances, can provide networking services for nonprofits and even help them reduce the cost of acquiring resources. Use a search engine to find a coalition in your charity’s geographical region or area of specialty.

Additionally, if you are a charitable organization in the Chicago area and have any in-kind donation needs, consider using Zealous Good. Zealous Good connects people and businesses with excess items to local charities with matching needs. Learn more about our process or create a profile to receive donations today.

We recognize that these are only a few of the many services for nonprofits out there. However, we hope that this list will provide a good starting point in your search for resources that will help you save the world. We wish you the best of luck with your efforts, and don’t hesitate to contact us at if you could use our help!

Alex Gari is a 2013 summer nonprofit outreach intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find him on Google+ or find Zealous Good on Facebook or on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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