Spring Cleaning Checklist – A Quick Guide of the Best Checklists on the Web

Spring cleaning season is upon us! Whether you want to get rubber gloves on and clean every nook and cranny or you want to spend a few minutes tidying to feel a little more organized, here is the guide to checklists on the web that will teach you how to organize your home in a helpful way.
Happy cleaning!

The Best Guide of Spring Cleaning Checklists
For the super deep cleaner:

This list is one of the most comprehensive and helpful lists I’ve seen. In a simple (and pretty, might I add) one pager, you get a list of 60+ tasks to complete an exhaustive spring cleaning. Best of all, you can print it off, check off some of the tasks and then come back to it when you are able.

Broken down into 8 different rooms and outside, this list shares everything you need to consider when cleaning and organizing your home. My favorite part of this list is that many of the more complicated tasks (i.e. wash laundry sink and clean drains) are hyperlinked to posts that provide more details on how to clean and organize.

The Excel girl in me loves this list. Each room is a column and each type of cleaning is a row. Look for the box that matches a cleaning method (i.e. what do you need to dry clean in your bedroom) with one of 5 room types and BINGO you’ve got all you need to know and do! Also, it’s fun to look at and easily printable.
For the quick cleaner:

As a self-described “incredibly busy person,” I LOVE this simple list. It’s perfect for people who want the satisfaction of a cleaner home but have close to zero time to contribute to it. Just follow 3 easy steps and you’re in a much better place than you were before. Best of all, one of the steps involves donating extra items– something I’m pretty passionate about!

For everyone in between:

This list is perfect to read through for guidance and to get you thinking about what projects you might have inside and outside of your house. This list is especially helpful for remembering outside projects that will help to beautify your home. The list also includes tasks you may not have thought of i.e.  draining sediment from hot water heaters…Do I really need to do that?

As you can see there are plenty of ways to approach spring cleaning. Our suggestion, pick the spring cleaning checklist that fits you best and start! As the very first step, don’t forget to review what items you no longer need and can donate!

Do you have a favorite spring cleaning checklist to add to the list? Any other tips on how to organize your home?


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