Spring Cleaning with Zeal Guest Blogger: Arranged By Erin

This is a guest post from professional organizer Erin Kelly of Arranged By Erin. This post is part of our Spring Cleaning with Zeal blog campaign. Check back next Friday for more ways on how to actively spring clean via Terri Albert a.k.a. The Chicago Organizer.

Even though I am a clean freak and organized beyond comprehension, I never really understood the concept of spring cleaning until I moved to Chicago. I think it hit me one day when after months of murky skies, the sun came back!

And so today, the sun is shining again. Even in my clean and organized home, I can see some need. Those wooden blinds don’t clean themselves do they?

Don’t stress yourself out! Make a plan for your spring cleaning. Break it down room by room. Schedule blocks of time to get your projects done! Finish one room at a time and go to the next one!

One important tidbit, it’s so much easier to clean when you don’t have to move piles of clutter. Use this time to do some purging. Piles on the floor as well as dressers and shelves, will slow down your cleaning projects. It’s much quicker to clean a space that doesn’t have clutter!


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