Spring Cleaning with Zeal: Week 1

Overnight the boxes of unlabeled stuff in your closet shifted. The dust in the corners of your rooms grew. The clothing you jammed into your drawer pushed its way open. This morning your home is trying to tell you something: clean up and organize or the clutter will control you.

This spring, don’t let the clutter consume you. Use Zealous Good as a resource to combat the mess in an easy and meaningful way and together we can stand up to disorder. Here is how we plan to do it:

Every Friday throughout March and April we will be featuring guest posts from some of Chicago’s best experts in cleaning and organizing. We’ll be posting tricks of the trade and organizational solutions from clean experts including:

In addition to arming you with the tools to take on your spring clean, we will be providing inspiration directly from the source. To show how serious we are about spring cleaning, I will post photos of the black holes of stuff that exist in my bedroom/what I’ve found to donate. You can follow me, via @ZealousGood, on my journey to streamline my space and join me by posting photos of your own Spring Cleaning with Zeal challenges using the hashtag #springcleaningwithzeal.

Community Manager Ali's drawer o' stuff

For your brave efforts, we will reward anyone that posts a photo with free Zealous Good stickers and a commemorative Qtip as a reminder to keep every nook and cranny clean.

Zealous Good wants spring cleaning to mean something again. By taking part in our Spring Cleaning with Zeal challenge your excess items already have a home with one of our 30+ nonprofits. So let’s start small, make piles, and take a few deep breaths. At the end of our clean, the stress will be gone, our goods will be in good hands, and you’ll have a commemorative Qtip. Who’s better than you? Let’s start today!


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