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I think it’s safe to assume that you’re here because you believe in the value of social enterprise and might even yourself support causes like youth education, art, and civic engagement. Great! We, too, support these things. We have so much in common! Given that, I bet you’re going to love this.

The Chicago Sun Times Charity Trust – and you may have guessed with a name like that – shares our passion for social good. Not familiar? A little background:

The Chicago Sun Times Trust has been in existence since 1936. Over the course of the years it has provided funding to many amazing organizations that make the community they serve a better place.

Some of those organizations include: the Chicago Public Library Foundation Summer Reading Program, the Chicago Greater Food Depository Child Nourishment Program, the Chicago Children’s Museum Early Childhood Development Program, and the Maywood Fine Arts Center Books Alive and Literacy Chicago. In short, the Chicago Sun Times Trust does terrific work.

This year, the Trust has established the Sun Shine Project to “shine a light” (and award $500,000 in grant money!) to organizations doing great work for youth in our communities. As one of the fine individuals at the Project told us:

“Through the Sun Shine Project, we hope to fuel and shine some light on passion, dedication and hard work of the organizations participating in the program.”

In the last few weeks, Chicagoans submitted nominations for organizations they themselves thought truly worthy and boy howdy did they call to light some amazing folks! The Project received over 300 submissions for charities and nonprofits divided between three categories: Education and Literacy, Arts and Culture, and Civic Engagement.

Here is where you come in, and for those who truly dig democracy you’ll love this – vote! Your votes will help decide which among the phenomenal 300 organizations nominated should receive grants. With requests ranging from $5,000 to $50,000, anywhere between 10 and 100 organizations can win, and you are a critical component to deciding who those organizations will be.

So head over to the Projects page, register your email address or connect through Facebook, and start learning about the awesome work various groups are doing for Chicago’s youth. It is an inspiring read. You may vote for each organization only once, but you may vote for as many organizations as you wish. Voting opened yesterday and will continue through October 9, so you have plenty of time to learn about as many projects as you can!

I cannot over emphasize how excited we at Zealous Good are about the Sun Shine Project. It’s a creative and terrific way to not only distribute the Trust’s available grant funds, but to also raise awareness for the hundreds of tremendous individuals, charities, and nonprofits who are hustling every day to improve the lives and educations of our city’s most vulnerable citizens.

So register, learn, vote, and vote some more! Keep up with the Sun Times Charity Trust on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the Sun Shine Project, and don’t be shy about spreading the word. It’s not every day the sun shines so bright!

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  1. I will like to thank you all for a wonderful thing to come up with this was my first time to be apart of something so great. The Sun Shine Project what a great way to bring the individuals, charities, and nonprofits organizations together..I am very happy that i can be apart of this project.. Blessings to you all just wonderful….

    September 28, 2011

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