The Benefits of Listing Your Charity on Zealous Good

Here at Zealous Good once a charity has created their wish list on our website, our work is far from over. To spread the good word about our charity members and the in kind needs they have, we take several different approaches.

First up is the blog. What better place to tell you about our non-profit members than on the website. The blog is where we profile our newest charities to tell you a little bit about them, the great work they do, and who benefits from it.

We also have a bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to over 4000 subscribers. This is where we give a shout-out to our newest Zealous Good charities and also highlight some of the immediate needs that our current members have.

If that wasn’t enough, Zealous Good uses all the major social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + to keep our followers up to date. Recently passing 1000 followers on Twitter, the social media powerhouse has proven to be a great way for us to quickly reach a large audience interested in what we are doing. Our followers will also retweet to their followers so that Zealous Good’s reach is ever expanding. We also like to promote the social media outreach that is done by our charity members so that we can make our network aware and they can then engage with them as well.

Zealous Good wants to make sure our charities have the best possible chance of receiving their in kind donation needs. Often times it’s as simple as just letting our supporters know about our charities and the specific needs they have. Knowing so many organizations could benefit from receiving in kind donations makes it easier to view the world in terms of what you can give. Browse through the member profiles of our charities and see what you can donate today!

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