The Best Gift You’ve Ever Received


If you ask someone, “what’s the best gift you’ve ever received?” you’ll often hear about a beloved childhood birthday present. When you ask a nonprofit, “what’s the best gift your organization has received?” you’re more likely to hear an even more heartwarming recollection about a generous donor who made an impact. In keeping with the holiday spirit of gifts and giving, we asked some of our member charities what the best donation they’ve received from Zealous Good has been in their own words.

Mudlark Theater Company, a nonprofit Chicago-based children’s theater group, said: “We’ve gotten some incredible items from Zealous Good, but the best so far would have to be a gorgeous Gemstone Floor Globe. We are always looking for unique items to help bring our productions to life for our youth performers.”

The Black Star Project, a nonprofit focused on improving life outcomes for minority children, said the best Zealous Good donation they received was “a donation of 5 large file cabinets which have been invaluable to us as our organization and programs have grown.”

Tuesday’s Child, a Chicago organization dedicated to supporting families with children who have behavioral challenges and other special needs, told us “the six Smart Carts were the best donation because they served multiple purposes in our organization. We use a few of the carts in our Summer Camp program and our Prevention Initiative Program during outings and field trips.”

The Jane Addams Resource Corporation provides employment resources and job training for low-income people.  They shared, “The best donation we received from Zealous Good was a suit that we picked up sometime in early September. I had picked it up for our clothing closet, hoping that it might fit a client someday. A week later, our manufacturing instructor sent out an email with a request for interview clothing. The suit fit the student perfectly—that never happens! The student has already been on a few interviews and we are confident he will get a job soon!”

As you think back on the best gift you’ve ever been given, remember that your donations have the potential to do good and be the best gift a charity has ever received!

Lauren Anderson is a 2013 fall project management intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Lauren on Google+ or Zealous Good on Facebook and Zealous Good on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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