Tuck In and Turn Off: 10 Ways to Donate Your Mind to Sleep

I have always been a heavy sleeper. The problem for me is not staying asleep, it’s falling asleep. Recently the task has become that much harder as I take on a new role that requires me to juggle online conversations across many social media platforms for several hours a day. Like clockwork, when my head hits the pillow, voices from the day begin talking over each other and cluttering my mind. But the other night I had a Zealous Good inspired revelation: What if I could donate my mind to sleep?

Below are 10 get-sleep-quick tips to facilitate the mind to sleep donation. I challenge you to try one or all and tell us how effective or not effective it is. If you find none of these work, consider starting a new late night Twitter account @myinsomnia for all of us rested folk to read in the morning.

1. Begin planning your dream before you fall asleep. You are on an island. The island is warm. Just you, the sun, the sand, and your e-reader. You’re allowed one portable device per dream.

2. Keep a journal/sticky pad/napkin by your bed.  The stress of losing a great idea because you didn’t write it down is great. Also, some of the best ideas I’ve ever had were conceived on napkins

3. Count to the number of ‘Likes’ you’d like your organization to have. This is a fantasy, you should never stop counting!

4. Stretch. Studies have shown doing yoga before bedtime increases blood circulation to the sleep center in the brain which normalizes the sleep cycle.

5. Wear earplugs. When I first moved to Chicago I lived above a piano bar. With the help of earplugs, most weeknights I was able to sleep through Billy Joel’s greatest hits.

6. Focus on your breathing. Similar to yoga but do it in a laying down position. If it starts to freak you out wait until the morning to check WebMD, please.

7. Imagine a Push Broom sweeping all the day’s clutter out of your head. This is one I already do to “clean my brain” for the upcoming day. It works.

8. Read the dictionary. Informative and mind-numbingly boring. Write down the word you leave off on. The next day try and use that word in every one of your social media interactions.

9. Get into your pet’s head. How come dogs and cats have such an easy time falling asleep? What do they dream about? Eventually these questions will tire you out/make you very envious of your pet.

10. Sing yourself to sleep. If it worked when you were little why not try it now? Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, The Alphabet Song, and Baa, Baa, Black Sheep all have the same melody. Try it, you’ll see.

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  1. Brittany said:

    I will 100% start using all 10 of these. Brilliant on all fronts AND my vocabulary will improve with all the new words I learn from the dictionary!


    February 29, 2012

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