What Being a Zealous Good Team Member Means to Me

My name is Colleen Froehlich and I am currently the media and marketing intern with Zealous Good. I am going to be a senior (can’t believe its already my last year) at the University of Iowa, majoring in journalism and mass communications. Feel free to read some more about me on our website here!

As soon as I found out about Zealous Good, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I strongly believe and value what Zealous Good does and what we represent. It still makes me proud to group myself as  “we” –- as a part of the great Zealous Good team. Making it easy for people to help their local charities is a remarkable endeavor, and one that I deeply admire.

Colleen, second in from the right, with the rest of the Zealous Good summer interns.

Once I came on board at Zealous Good, I slowly started to understand the complexity of a startup (and seeing everything Brittany does, whoa). Along with a startup comes the importance of getting the name out there, one of my main roles at Zealous Good.  I now understand the need to incorporate multimedia EVERYWHERE — which means videos on videos on videos about Zealous Good (check them out!). Personally, I think I have the most fun job at Zealous Good; I get to meet and talk to some of the amazing charities and donors that work with Zealous Good and hear how Zealous Good has effected them. I get to see and hear first hand how Zealous Good has connected charities to items that have and will make a difference. It’s a very rewarding feeling.

Since day one, I have learned and grown so much. And as I’ve grown, so has Zealous Good. I am hopeful and enthusiastic about one day seeing Zealous Good as the leader in matching in-kind donation items. This means a lot on the Zealous Good team’s part, and especially mine.

If I could stand at the top of a mountain (or for that matter, a sky rise) and yell my love of Zealous Good to all of Chicago, I would. However, there are no mountains in Chicago. And I think I would be deemed crazy if I thought my yelling could be heard over the honking taxis and trains, rolling in every few minutes. So on that note- I need people like YOU to help amplify my voice. Let all your friends and family know about Zealous Good. Telling even ONE person can help, and eventually, we’ll have a system of donating that comes full circle and gives all that excess stuff a meaningful home.

Start your love affair with Zealous Good by checking out our Facebook page Twitter and Pinterest profiles. If there’s an item or two you’d like to donate, you can do so here.

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