Donations Charities Need During the Holidays


It’s the holiday season, and many of you out there are probably planning on giving to charity, whether financially or through in-kind donations. We talked to local Chicago charities to find out what types of donations are most needed at the holidays. They’ve made their Christmas lists, so now you can check them (twice) and be assured you’re giving effectively and never have to wonder again, “what kind of donations do charities need during the holidays?”

Toys & gifts:

It’s not exactly a secret, but charities that work with kids often request toy donations year-round just to prepare for the holidays! Giving new or gently used toys helps charities ensure that each child they work with receives a special gift.

School supplies:

Charities often get a wave of school supplies and educational materials donated at the beginning of the school year. But after a semester, supplies start to run low. Giving pencils, drawing supplies, notebooks, and new reading books help charities to keep supporting and encouraging children to do well in school. So even though crayons for Christmas might not seem as festive to give as new toys, there’s no better gift than education!

Winter clothes:

Many nonprofits have clients who don’t have adequate winter clothing. Why not organize a neighborhood coat drive or do your spring cleaning early this year? Being given a warm jacket will make the holidays merry and bright for someone this year!

You can donate these items on your own, or take it up a notch and organize a gift drive at your school, in your neighborhood, or with a group of friends! Donating specific items charities need helps them greatly during this season and makes a huge impact on the people they help year-round.

Lauren Anderson is a 2013 fall project management intern at Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Lauren on Google+ or Zealous Good on Facebook and Zealous Good on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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