What to Do with Your China?

Think about that old set of china stacked in the back of your cabinet. It’s pretty dusty and you might not even remember what it looks like but we’re positive you have a steady emotional attachment to it. Dishes are tough to get rid of because they may have been passed on by a relative who loved and used them for years, and whom you love very much. Even if someone thinks the dishes are ugly and never uses them, it’s still hard to give them away.”

Today’s modern, fast-paced lifestyles rarely require fancy sugar bowls and creamers in fussy patterns. It might be time to let that kind of china go. An easy way to let it go may be to keep one special platter or bowl as a memento to aid in the transition.

Should I Sell It?

Choosing to sell in consignment shops or setting up an ad on Craigslist will take a lot of effort and it is still not guaranteed to bring in major profits. A good alternative might be Replacements Ltd. (www.replacements.com). This company is based in North Carolina and primarily focuses on buying and selling new and old dinnerware. Another option could be the International Association of Dinnerware Matchers (www.iadm.com). However, in both cases, the individual is responsible for costs and effort of packing, shipping and insuring.

Should I Donate It?

Offering the set to close friends and family might be the best option! Hopefully, someone very close to the individual will be thrilled to get it, and they will feel great passing it along to a home where it will be cherished and valued. If not possible, many charities or churches would be happy to accept your dishes.

Should I Trash It?

It would be shame to get rid of such valuable pieces! We would suggest to not discard dishes unless they have bad cracks, stains or chips. Instead, we suggest giving them away to a new loving home!


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