Where to Donate Books in Your Community

Books! There is nothing better than the feeling of opening a new book, or reading a final paragraph in a great novel. But, if you’re a reading addict, those books can start to take up real space. If you donate them, you can give the stories new life and help someone else enjoy a new reading adventure!

If you’re in Chicago, just use Zealous Good to find out exactly which charities need your books. If you’re not in Chicago, here are some ideas of where to donate books.


Don’t laugh. It can be simple as that. Where is a good place to donate books? Preschools, elementary schools, high schools, colleges! Whether a student is 5 and growing and whether a student is 25, and well, uh, still growing, every student could use more books!

To learn more,  you can look up your local school district online.

Tutoring Centers

Like schools, tutoring centers are a place to learn. Books are always needed at these educational safe havens. These centers can never have too many books to pass out!

Look up tutoring centers online to find the closest one near you!

Open Books in Chicago

At Zealous Good, we have a bit of an organization crush on Open Books. They pick up books, have drop off points, and they do SO many great things with books for all ages. If you’re in Chicago, check out Open Books. You won’t be disappointed!

Cara Program Chapter Two Project in Chicago

The Cara Program Chapter Two Project is a Zealous Good charity member that is in need of books. They accept books from drop boxes, personal collection pickups and book drives and are sold or recycled. Funds generated from the sale of these books helps motivated Chicagoans affected by homelessness and poverty gain a second chance at a lasting career by providing hands-on training and work experience.

Otherwise, if you’re in the Chicago area, check out Zealous Good for where to donate books. Click here to submit your donation and we’ll find a charity that can benefit.

Brittany Martin Graunke is the founder of Zealous Good, an in-kind donations marketplace in Chicago. You can find Brittany on Google+ or on Twitter at @ZealousBrittany. You can find Zealous Good on Facebook and Zealous Good on Twitter at @ZealousGood.

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