Where to Donate Household Supplies

Let’s face it, household supplies are pretty expensive. Yet, many people have an accumulation of partially used supplies that are no longer needed or wanted. So, instead of disposing of them, try donating them to local charities and organizations that could greatly benefit from these leftover household supplies.

If some of the household supplies in your donation are cleaning materials, please check out our blog on How to Donate Cleaning Supplies to learn more about that process.

If you’re in the Chicago or Dallas are, you can use Zealous Good to match you with several local organizations that are in need of household supplies and will therefore profit the most from your donation. If you don’t live in Chicago or Dallas, here are some other places that would also value your donation:

Local Church

Churches are always in need of extra household supplies to be used by their youth groups, church events, and Sunday school groups.

To find a church near you, click here.

Local Animal Shelter

Household supplies are part of most animal shelters’ ongoing and essential needs. These facilities are thoroughly cleaned daily, which includes frequently cleaning up after the animals.

Check out The Shelter Pet Project to find local shelters in need of your supplies.

Local Scouts

The Boy and Girl Scouts are usually in need of various household supplies to help them during their summer camp seasons. Support your local scout council, whether it be the boys or the girls!

Local Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens need to be fully cleaned and disinfected so the food they use will not get contaminated. Please help people in need have a nice warm meal and stay healthy!

Find a local soup kitchen near you.

Again, if you’re in the Chicago or Dallas area, use Zealous Good to submit your donation and we’ll easily match you with a local charity that could use it! 

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